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When Alaska looks like Ireland, Canada, the Rockies + the PNW, why wouldn't you come?!?!?!

The Details

Couldn’t more excited about this workshop in Alaska?! It’s such an underrated place, full of so much beauty + heart. We have the most beautiful shoots planned, the most wonderful talks to improve your branding, client experience/connections, posing, shooting, SEO, and just overall running your business efficiently. We want to inspire a group of amazing women to take their business to the next level, to create an incredible experience for their clients, and to build a strong community. 

June 3-5

Anchorage, Alaska

5 Speakers

Multiple Portfolio building shoots

$1500 (payment plans are available! In halves or thirds) *Food + Lodging Included. Travel not included to get to the workshop.

The Dream Team

our Alaska Workshop speakers

Autumn Nicole (@autumnnicole_)

Hey! I’m Autumn. I’m 24 years old. I love Mexican food and dogs and 4 years ago, somehow, I landed my absolute dream job photographing love. I grew up right against the mountainside surrounded by deer and birds and a backyard always filled to the brim with flowers. Not that I always appreciated that. When I was a kid I pretty much thought Utah was the lamest state I could possibly live in because it was “boring”. But photography kind of opened up my eyes to how beautiful and unique and diverse in nature Utah really is. Now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere without the mountains, and exploring the world to see even more of that beauty has become one of my greatest passions. More than that photography also opened my eyes to the beauty and diversity and depth and absolute MAGIC each and every love story holds, and how insanely lucky I am to capture that in people all over the planet. I’m so excited to get to know all of you and talk to you more about how to make sure your job is also your dream! Exploring the ideas of branding, getting those “ideal clients”, and most importantly, how being unapologetically and wholly yourself can change your business forever.

Steph (@FromTheDaises)

I’m Steph! I’m a wedding photographer who lives all over the place. Sometimes it’s NYC, sometimes it’s LA, but home is Boulder, CO. I’ve got a husband, two chihuahuas, and my daughter Stevie, and that combo makes my life the biggest blessing yet. We travel lots and often. Seeing the world is my dream. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel for my job and it’s amazing that I get to witness and capture these lifetime moments for couples all over. It’s a lot of hard work and hustle but every day in this field is a journey and I’m thankful for everything it’s taught me.

Catalina Jean (@seoisfun)

Hey, I'm Catalina! I'm a wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon with two crazy Boston Terriers. SEO is my FAVORITE thing and I love to boil down the seemingly difficult concepts and make it easy for other small businesses owners to finally understand what the heck it is and how to rank. Let's get you optimized!

Grace Burt (@The Soft Season)

Hi! I'm Grace of The Soft Season. I’m a wedding photographer, and also the creator of the Let's Go Workshop! I live in the great Pacific Northwest with my beautiful daughter Winter. I love what I do, but I don’t get caught up following industry trends, I never take myself too serious, and I'm constantly thinking outside the box. I am most passionate about education, and nothing in this world makes me happier than helping the students I teach find success in their business, but more importantly, happiness in their life.
My class: “Fast as F**k workflow." Everyday I hear photographers saying how behind they are, or how overwhelmed they are with editing. We are burnt out, and missing out on so much life because we are trapped behind our computers. In the class I will teach you how to change your mindset, get your shit organized, and dramatically increase your workflow speed, so you can fly through editing and get your damn life back.

Dawn Jarvis (@dawn_photo)

Hey ya'll! I’m a traveling elopement + portrait photographer from Eugene, Oregon. I have a amazing husband who supports all my crazy dreams + lifestyle, two adorable kitties, and two shepherd pups that I’m completely obsessed with. I’m a three cups of coffee for breakfast kind of girl, but if you offer me a margarita, I will always say yes! My biggest passion is connecting with people, making people feel amazing and taken care of. I want to teach ya'll how I connect with my clients + how I gain their trust!

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