This is the time to invest in yourself + your business. The shoots alone will boost your portfolio, boost your confidence with speaking with your clients and shooting in all types of locations. The lectures, talks and Q&A's will leave you with pages of notes and lists of to-do's. Our goal is for you to go home so insanely inspired, and thriving!

The Workshop

Wander Workshop was created to inspire photographers, who desire adventure! Wander encourages adventure, + traveling the world. This Workshop we dive deep into how to find your ideal client, how to find your ideal brand for yourself, and how to take care of yourself + your business while doing all this.

We will dive in deep into standing out, client communication, vendor relations, styled shoots, how to direct vs pose your client, social media, business, taxes, SEO, juggling life + business. During our lectures, we highly encourage open conversation, we want you to ask all the questions you might have!


Dawn and Amanda's workshop is worth every single penny, even if you're a totally broke college student like me! I started this business so young that I've never really had the confidence that people would take me seriously as a photographer. The Wander Workshop totally changed that and made me realize that it doesn't matter how old you are, how much experience you have, or what type of equipment you use, with a little motivation and dedication everyone is capable of succeeding at this dream job! This workshop provided me with so much inspiration and ambition that I literally have not been able to peel my face off my computer since I've gotten home because I am too busy editing photos, developing my website, and growing my business on social media. I am eternally grateful for this experience they provided me with. I came home with an amazing new community of photographer friends, so much knowledge, a kick ass portfolio, and a sense of confidence that I know will take me so far with this business. Thank you thank you thank you Wander!!!! I CANNOT wait until the next one!



Dawn and Amanda poured their heart and soul into this workshop! It was so evident that they wanted to help every single girl there, and we all left feeling inspired and excited to rock our businesses! It was the best investment I could have made for myself and my business. The styled shoots we were a part of were unlike anything I have ever seen, it was a dream come true! Dawn and Amanda also balanced each other our really well and I felt like the education was well-rounded. I definitely recommend investing in yourself and singing up for the next Wander Workshop!!!



Where do I even BEGIN! Wander was such a game changer for me and my business and I couldn't be happier that I invested in myself. Dawn and Amanda are amazing teachers and so willing to generously share everything that they know! The styled shoots allowed me to work with dream couples and after struggling for so long, I really feel like I found MY ideal style which is the best feeling ever!! I can't wait to see how the things I learned continue to improve my business - but I can already say that after posting a few photos from the workshop to my IG I got FOUR inquiries in one day and I don't think it's a coincidence! I also gained a community and made 14 new amazing photographer friends who have been so supportive. Do yourself a favor and take the leap - I know it's scary, but investing in yourself and your business is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself. Wander Workshop has not only changed my business, but it's changed my outlook and rejuvenated me creatively as well.



Wander Workshop was absolutely the best thing I ever did for my business. Investing in your business is the only way for it to grow and this workshop is 100% worth it. Dawn + Amanda put their heart and soul into every ounce of Wander, making it an unforgettable experience for every photographer. The models and locations they chose for the styled shoots were absolutely amazing. I came away with so many images that will help to create a brand I want to market. The lecture/learning sessions of the workshop were the most helpful knowledge I have received thus far from any photographer. Dawn + Amanda were open, honest, and candid, which allowed us photographers the freedom to ask any question. They have built a community for photographers that inspires creativity, self-love, and most importantly a respect for other photographers so that we can all work together to make our lives/careers fulfilling!



• Where are we staying?

If you're attending a overnight-r Wander, we will have a big cabin/home that fits everybody! You might be getting a bunk bed, sharing a bed with another attendee, or sleeping on a pull out sofa. All food + lodging is covered in the overnight Wander Workshops.

• Is this a girls only Workshop?

yes it is!! I'm working on making a co-ed one, but for now it's girls only!

• How many photoshoots will there be?

One Day Workshops will have two couples at the photoshoots, and Overnightr Wanders will have three-four couples modeling.

• Can we submit our photos to a blog or magazine?!

YES YES YES!! Please do! All the photos you take at Wander are your own, we encourage you to share them, blog them + submit them!!

• Will we be going over editing during the workshop??

Yes, during the overnight workshops we will have lots of downtime in the morning, lunch and after night shoots. Feel free to ask myself or other speakers for help with editing, or ya'll can watch us edit to get insight on different techniques.

• How do I get to and from the Workshop?

We highly recommend renting a car, from the nearest airport. Or try carpooling! We will start a message group once the workshop is full so ya'll can chat about carpooling and what works best for you guys.