This is the time to invest in yourself + your business. The shoots alone will beef up your portfolio, boost your confidence with your clients and shooting in all types of locations. The lectures, talks and Q&A's will leave you with pages of notes and lists of to-do's. Our goal is for you to go home so insanely inspired and thriving!

The Workshop

One of our main goals for Wander Workshop is for you to leave with a full elopement from start to finish—so we’ve set up an entire day filled with details a real couple would implement in their day. You’ll photograph a real couple getting ready, ceremony scenes, portraits, and a dinner and dessert set up, all while we chat creative use of your location, best techniques for shooting in unique lighting situations, and capturing relaxed, meaningful portraits. This shoot will be perfect for blogging on your website to showcase your abilities as an elopement photographer, or to submit for publication.

We’ll also discuss topics like marketing yourself for elopement photography, permitting and Leave No Trace, shooting techniques that will level up your photography, posing that feels natural and relaxes even the most “awkward” of couples, and how to be unapologetically yourself in your business and start attracting couples that will be your raving fans.

General Questions

• Where are we staying?

If you’re going to an overnight workshop, we’ll all be in a huge house together to encourage connection and community. Depending on our accommodations, you might be getting a bunk bed, sharing a bed with another attendee, or sleeping on a pull out sofa. All food + lodging is covered in the overnight Wander Workshops.

• Is this a girls only Workshop?

Nope! We will do our best to accommodate any gender in a sleeping arrangement that makes everyone feel comfortable. Wander celebrates photographer of all identities.

• How many photoshoots will there be?

One Day Workshops will have two couples at the photoshoots, and Overnight Wanders will have three or four couples modeling.

• Can we submit our photos to a blog or magazine?!

YES YES YES!! Please do! All the photos you take at Wander are your own, we encourage you to share them, blog them + submit them!!

• Will we be going over editing during the workshop?

Yes, we’ll have a talk specifically about how to perfect your edits and fine tune your personal style. During the overnight workshops, we will have lots of editing time in the morning, at lunch, and after night shoots. Feel free to ask any of the speakers for help with editing, or watch us edit to get insight on different techniques.

• How do I get to and from the Workshop?

We highly recommend renting a car if you’re flying in from the nearest airport. We will start a group message once the workshop is full so y’all can chat about carpooling and what works best for you guys.

• How are you handling COVID-19?

Masks will be supplied for all attendees and wear will be required at all times during the workshop. Hand sanitizer will be in tons of locations throughout the house with frequent use encouraged. Sleeping areas will be socially distanced as well! We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable.