Lets do this Mt Hood!

+ insane mountain views
+ gorgeous green mossy forests
+ cozy cabins

we are so stoked for this workshop ya'll.

This workshop is our 10th 3 day WANDER WORKSHOP! We have some huge plans for this one.
+ incredible speaker talks from Marci, Taylor, Jaci and Dawn.
+ real photoshoots with REAL couples. We will be walking ya'll through a full elopement day, details, how to capture, create + story-tell all the moments, ceremony photos + more.
+ insanely delicious food accomodated to everyone's dietary needs.
+ plenty of time for downtime + hang outs.
+ community building.
+ and so much moreeeee.

why wander workshop?

We've created Wander Workshop to be a place for all the babes who want to make that big leap to become the photographer they always wanted to. To build a strong community of other creates to surround themselves with. To ask all the questions + get all the answers. Wander Workshop is so much more than just taking cool photos in cool places, and learning from photographers you like. We all started from the same spot, and we all want to grow + uplift each other. Our instructors teach from the bottom of their hearts, are completely down to earth people, and are 100% open books with ya'll. Our shoots are with real couples, real bodies, real love. Our goal is to have you leave Wander with so much desire to take your business to the next level, have all the steps to do so, + to have a huge team cheering you on every step of the way! Wander doesn't just end the last day. #wanderfamilyforever

all the deets.

+ all lodging and food (we are accommodating to all dietary needs) is included during the workshop. If you are in a room with a queen bed, you will be sharing that with another attendee. If you are attending with a friend and want to request a room together, you can definitely do that!
+ travel to and from workshop will not be included.
+ all the photoshoots are FOR YOU GUYS. Instructors will be there to show you their methods, and encourage ya'll to get your photos throughout the shoots and help you the whole way through.
+ the workshop is going to be held in Mt Hood (near Government Camp, Oregon)
Oct 19-21 2020
+ The cost of the workshop is $2800. You may split that payment into two payments or pay the full amount. The first half is required to save your spot to attend the workshop.


• How do the photoshoots work?

We have a few shoots planned for ya'll. But we will split the group of attendees up into smaller groups, let ya'll learn from your instructor for the first 5-10 minutes, then either let you photograph the couples as a small group or give you each 2-4 minutes at a time to photograph them and continue to rotate until you've learned from all the instructors + photographed all the couples. Hope this makes sense! haha It'll all make sense at the workshop!

• Are we allowed to submit our photos for publication?

HECK YES!!! Please do! These photoshoots are for YOU. We want these photos to help you book more elopements + weddings and all the good stuff. We do just that you credit the vendors who styled + made the shoots + Wander Workshop.

• What types of couples are modeling?

We are just looking for REAL couples to model. We aren't looking for anything besides couples who are madly in love + down to model for us! So if you are a couple who wants to model for us, send us an email! <3

• What kind of food are we eating?

The yummiest of foods! We normally plan a great menu based off cozy, yummy foods, but also healthy foods to keep you feeling fulfilled + energetic. We will be accommodating everyone's dietary needs, so don't worry about bringing your own food.

• Do we go over editing?

We don't have a specific time for that, BUT we will have time during the the evenings where we are just hanging out, so if you have any questions about editing, that's a great time to prep some photos + and ask any of us.

• Is there one-on-one time?

There is no scheduled one-on-one time, but during any of the downtimes, please take advantage of that time + ask us any questions you might have!

• I just bought a camera, and I've never been to a workshop before...but I want to be a wedding photographer. Can i come?!

COME TO WANDER!! This is such a great place for you to get started, take that GIANT leap into becoming a wedding photographer. We do recommend that you have an understanding for shooting in Manual so practice up before the workshop!!

• I've been doing photography for 2039840 years but I really want to come, and learn some new tricks + make some new friends! Do you think this workshop is for me!?

Fuck ya!!! This is a great place to learn some new techinques whether its posing, shooting styles, or even just workflow tips. And no joke, you are going to leave with so many new friends! We cannot wait to meet you!

the babes running this workshop!!

Dawn (@dawn_photo)

Hey Ya'll I'm Dawn! A coffee lovin, graphic tee wearin, red headed, thrifin and oil obsessed momma to be! I have the two CUTEST pups Zeus and Nala, and let's not forget my amazing hubbs Dusty! When I'm not behind my camera I am spending time with my family, being outdoors, camping, binging Netflix, and let's be real....right now preparing for my SON to be here! EEE! I have been a photographer for 10 years and it's something I fall in love with over and over again every shoot. I truly cannot believe that this is my job. Teaching is something that I got into about 5 years ago because when I started photography I really didn't have anyone to lean on and I wanted to make sure that I could be that person for other photographers. I am SO excited that you guys are on this journey and are letting me share my knowledge and love with you! It's time to WANDER!
I'm going to be talking to ya'll about all things workflow, how to get shit done + make your business function so efficiently. Alsoooo will be going over my secrets to create everlasting friendships + trust with my couples.

Marci (@marcellalaine)

I’m a full time wedding and elopement photographer based in Seattle, WA. I’ve found my place in making people feel comfortable and beautiful, and creating something meaningful to capture that essence. My love for natural landscapes and the intimacy of human connection have landed me here, capturing real people’s stories all over the world. When I’m not on the road with my rad couples, you can find me cozied up in my studio next to my pup named Sapa, doing yoga and drinking matcha like the hippie I love to be.
I will be teaching on finding meaning and authenticity in your work through connecting with your clients on a personal level, and how intimacy with your couples will transform your (and your client’s) experience on elopement days.

Jaci (@j.vigilphoto)

Hi I’m Jaci! I’m a 30 something mama of three living in Northwest Montana. I travel and document elopements, couples + families, photographing people who, like me, truly believe emotion and moments matter. I’m for the adventurous; the home-bodies; those into climbing up mountains or crawling around in bed. I’m for those who want to remember how it feels , right now, in this moment. I’m a damn good time and here for that bad mom life. I drool over incredible light, am clumsy as shit, and a constant stream of profanities.
Years ago I attended one of the original Wander Workshops, back when I had no idea what I brought to the table or wanted to see from this business. By the time I left I knew exactly what I was meant to be creating as an artist, I had found my people, my community. I felt like I had found myself. Since then I’ve poured everything I have into cultivating a successful brand based on emotions + experiences. I’m so excited to bring all of this back and now be a part of Wander, helping other photographers on this journey to develop their skills, stay inspired, and serve their clients in a meaningful way.
I'll be going over all my posing tips + tricks, how to create authentic moments while posing your couples, ways to think outside the box + more.

Taylor (@t_kern)

Hey hey, it's yo gurl Taylor here. I'm basically your ideal hype woman. I'm a doggo obsessed mama bear + margarita lovin + dancing at all times free spirit. I get to do life with my bodybuilding dude who is the biggest squishy. I live in Lake Tahoe and have been doing my dream job, photography/storytelling for 6 years now. I've found my photog passion in humans that are in love- so weddings and elopements are my jam. Photography led me to being an educator & now most recently a podcaster. Thats meee, can't wait to hug & get to know y'all!!
All the things I'll be going over arrrreeee:
+ Taking care of YOU before anyone else
+ Building your personality into a brand
+ Confidence & Comparison


Cannot wait for this adventure with ya'll! You will be receiving two emails with a contract + paypal invoice, your spot is YOURS once it's signed + paid!