November 2-4 2020

So stoked about the Oregon Coast ya’ll!! We have some big plans for this workshop including some amazing talks from Henry Tieu, Olivia Markle + Dawn Jarvis. Along with that, we will a photoshoot the first + second day, at my most favorite Oregon Coast spots, with both bridal + lifestyle models at each session. On top of that we will have plenty of Q/A, downtime to just chill and ask questions to anyone. Tons of time to create new lasting friendships, and TONS of time to drink + eat all the good stuff.

We’ve rented an amazing house in Lincoln City, where everyone will all be staying together.  All the food is provided at the workshop, no matter what dietary needs.

We are keeping this workshop to only 10 amazing ladies. SO happy about keeping this space cozy + intimate so we can truly open our hearts up, learn all the things + be totally there for each other!

Nov 2 - 4 2020, in Lincoln City, Oregon

$2500, payments can be made in halves or full.


• Who:

This workshop is for 10 amazing babes who want to build community + friendships with each other, learn ALL the things about business + client workflow, creativity, SEO....and more. We are wanting 10 amazing ladies who want to give us their full hearts and be open to each other + be open to learning as much as they can.

• Where:

This workshop will be hosted in Lincoln City, Oregon. We have some amazing locations planned for shoots, and the most amazing house we will be staying in. It's about 2 hours from either the Portland or Eugene airport.

• Can we share the photos we take at the workshop!?

OFFF COURSEEE! All the shoots are portfolio building FOR YOUUUU!!! We want you to blast those photos all over your social media platforms, website, any and all things marketing! Even if you want to submit the photos too:) We do ask that you credit Wander Workshop + all the amazing vendors who help make the shoots amazing. We will give you all the credit tags so you know who helped!

• Food + Lodging?!

All lodging is covered during the workshop! You will either be sleeping on a bunk bed, or sharing a bed with another photographer. As for food, we are 100000% accommodating to your dietary needs! We will have an amazing person cooking us delicious meals, and constant snacks + drinks available. We will send ya'll a questionnaire once you're fully signed up so we can get the meals planned accordingly.

Fill out the contact form below to sign up!!

Once you’ve filled that out, I will send you a contract/invoice to make the first or full payment + then your spot is saved!!! I will be sending those all out first come first, once all 10 spots are taken the workshop will be sold out!!

Henry Tieu

Hi my name is Henry and I’m an adventure elopement
and wedding photographer base out of Seattle, WA. I think like Adele and twerk like Cardi B and you can see that in the mind of art I create.
Branding is everything when it comes to showing the world what you are about and what you can do for your clients. I can’t wait to share with you guys my tips and tricks on building a strong voice in your arts and attract those who value your artistry.

Olivia Markle

Hiiii! I'm Olivia! A full time traveling wedding + elopement photographer based in Arizona! I'm obsesseddddd with the sunshine, the ocean, puppies, and chocolate chip cookies! I'm a crazy happy weirdo who lives for making other people laugh and spreading positivity! I laugh nonstop and freaking love meeting new people, which is why being a wedding photographer is the absolute best job in the world for me! I'm constantly making my dreams a reality, and am 1000% in love with the life I've created! Photography is obviously a huge passion of mine, but I also have a huge passion for education and helping others succeed and create their dream lives! Nothing makes me happier than seeing those I've taught flourish and make things happen for themselves they never thought possible! I feel so blessed to do what I love every single day, and even more blessed to be able to share my knowledge with others. It's a great day!!
I'm gonna be sharing allll about my own personal journey and the steps I took to go from never touching a camera to becoming a successful full time photographer in less than a year! I'll deep dive into some of the most important branding + marketing strategies I learned along the way, as well as the principles I still apply today! Also, I'll share some of the mistakes I made along the way (of course) cause there's nothing better than learning from other people's mistakes!

Dawn Jarvis

Hey ya'll! I’m a traveling elopement + portrait photographer from Eugene, Oregon. I have a amazing husband who supports all my crazy dreams + lifestyle, two adorable kitties, and two shepherd pups that I’m completely obsessed with. I’m a three cups of coffee for breakfast kind of girl, but if you offer me a margarita, I will always say yes! I could watch Netflix all day snuggling my man and our fur babies, but getting outside and going on a epic adventure makes me happier than anything.
I cannot wait to talk to ya'll about all things client connection + client experience!! I use the Love Languages to help my couples thrive at their shoots + wedding day, but I also use them to make my business run efficiently!!! I will talk to ya'll about all the ways I can connect with my clients before the big day, create lasting friendships, make my couples feel 10000% taken care of + fully trusting in me, and also why all this can benefit your business in so many other ways. Cannot wait!!! xx


Cannot wait to meet ya'll!!