How could you pass up those Turquoise Lakes?



Two Nights, Three Days, 2 Shoots, 4 Speakers

June 3-5 2019

You guys. If you want to be a destination photographer, this is your gateway in. You have to travel yourself to get those travel gigs. So why not start here with us?! We have rented the cutest freaking house, y’all will be hearing amazing talks from amazing speakers, plenty of down time to edit & hang together. This isn’t just a workshop to get epic photos. You will be creating incredible friendships + a tight, supporting community.

Logistics: lodging & food are included. Flights + Rental cars are not included. I will start a Facebook group once it’s sold out to let y’all plan carpools.

Price: $2500 (can be paid in 2 halves or all at once).

You will be able to use all the photos for your own marketing, submit them to get featured…whatever your heart desires!!

Get your passports out!!


the dream team

Dawn Jarvis

Erin Northcutt

Stephanie Fisher


I’m a traveling elopement + portrait photographer from Eugene, Oregon. I have a amazing husband who supports all my crazy dreams + lifestyle, two adorable kitties, and a german shepherd that I’m completely obsessed with. I’m a three cups of coffee for breakfast kind of girl, but if you offer me a margarita, I will always say yes! I could watch Netflix all day snuggling my man and our fur babies, but getting outside and going on a epic adventure makes me happier than anything. I feel most myself when I’m Central Oregon, surrounded by Ponderosa Pines & Cabins. My dream is to buy land out there, a build the most epic A Frame of my dreams, after traveling around in an Airstream.


Hey! I'm Erin- married to my favorite guy, mom of four and an elopement + wedding photographer based in the Central California. Photography is how I maintain my individuality, creative spirit and overall, my sanity outside of motherhood. I feel so blessed that I get to serve couples not only on their happiest day but also in their everyday moments. And that's really the heart of what I do; showing my love for people through photos. When I'm not behind the camera or editing, you can find me with my fam. Usually doing work around our old farmhouse, having an all-out dance-off in the kitchen, or cuddled up on the couch catching up on all the movies we never go see. We love road trips, grilling out and usually have to wash off our dirty feet before bedtime. My personal life very much mirrors my photography life- so I'm really excited to become a little family with all of you!


Hey guys!

I’m Steph! I’m a wedding photographer who lives all over the place. Sometimes it’s NYC, sometimes it’s LA, but home is Boulder, CO. I’ve got a husband, two chihuahuas, and my daughter Stevie, and that combo makes my life the biggest blessing yet. We travel lots and often. Seeing the world is my dream. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel for my job and it’s amazing that I get to witness and capture these lifetime moments for couples all over. It’s a lot of hard work and hustle but every day in this field is a journey and I’m thankful for everything it’s taught me.

BONUS SPEAKER: Nicole Seligman (Editor of Junebug Weddings)

Junebug Weddings Executive Editor Nicole Seligman, based out of Austin, TX, is your friendly wedding blog resource for all things related to marketing your photography business. She’s Pinterest-obsessed (and will show you why you should be too), still cries at photos of first looks on the daily, and never met a cat she didn’t want to pet. She’s happy to talk the latest trends in wedding fashion or Instagram hashtags and is jazzed to help you build a compassionate, sustainable business.

Sneaks of the house + shoot locations!
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 8.33.37 AM
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 8.33.31 AM
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 8.33.26 AM
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 8.33.11 AM
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